Mt. Balagbag is one of my favorite places to visit for training runs because of its accessibility. It is only about 2 hours travel from where I live. 

From Tungko, you need to ride a jeep going to Licao-licao. The jumpoff is located in this town.

Our route last Saturday was to trek down Veterans trail from Licao-licao and then climb up the dreaded “Don’t Look Back” or DLB. The place was tagged with that name because you would not want to look back after climbing the 2 kilometer uphill. 

Unfortunately, the heavy rains the past few months caused the grasses to grow very tall. To ascent while avoiding the sharp edges of the grasses doubled the challenge. 

After the DLB trail, we went straight to the Mt. Balagbag summit; additional 3 kilometers to the helipad. 


Photo credit: Edmund Cura