Makiling is such a special place to me because it is near my family’s home and my alma mater, UPLB! 

Trivia: I got the chance to climb the highest peak of Makiling (which is Peak 2) only after college.

It is advisable to climb Makiling with a group if you are not very familiar with the place. Though the admin still allows solo climbers to hike this mountain. Don’t forget to bring an ID when climbing this mountain. You need to register at the jumpoff, leave an ID and pay the registration fee. 

The Philippine-Japan Friendship Arch in UPLB.

We went on a sidetrip to the mudspring. FYI: Makiling is an inactive volcano.

We spotted a neon colored beehive.

After around 3 hours of running and trekking, we reached the Makiling summit. It is marked with ‘Station 30’. From the registration to the summit, the distance is about 9kms.