After weeks of waiting for the perfect timing, I finally got the chance to run at the Nike Philippine’s #UnlimitedManila Stadium (just 2 days before the track bids goodbye). Another cool thing about yesterday’s event was that it was the Ladies Night! This time slot was dedicated to all the ladies who want to unleash their full potential in training or workout. The NTC+NRC people joined forces to make this event a challenging and memorable one.
The afternoon started with a registration and a short warm up. Then, the ladies were separated to two groups based on the colors of the headbands given during registration.

Pink Team was NTC (Nike Training Group) group while Green Team was NRC (Nike Running Group). The first group did 15 minutes of circuit training while our group did 15 minutes of running around the stadium. We did an alternate of fast and recovery pace. Very fun to see all the ladies doing two different workouts and cheering each other in between!

After the first half of the activities, two groups changed court and we, the Green Team, did a short circuit exercises. Meanwhile, the Pink Team went out of the venue and did a 15-minute jog around the area (it was already raining at this point, and the track was slippery).

For the finale, Coach Ian Banzon invited the ladies to a Jumping Rope challenge. The goal was to jump as many times as possible in a span of one minute. The top ten players were awarded with Nike bags (Good job to all winners! I only got 42 haha). To end the session, Coach Tanya Aguila taught a few yoga poses to cool down the muscles.

Despite the rain, I definitely enjoyed each activity! I also felt lucky that I was with group who went to run first.

Special thanks to all the coaches and pacers who helped us find the #Unlimited versions of ourselves!