Spent my Sunday morning on the trails of Mt. Batolusong for this year’s DBB Mountain Rockstar Challenge. This is part of the trail event series organized by MGM. My friends and I decided to run the 12km distance. The route covered Rangyas Peak, Kay-Ibon Falls, and Duhatan Ridge.

A glimpse of the Tanay mountains (Photo credit: Ernest Perez)

Last year, I ran the 50km at this event and luckily landed on the 2nd spot in the female category.

This was sort of a comeback run on the trails after the failed Pulag 100 last May. The weather was gloomy and it was drizzling the whole day. This made the trails very muddy and slippery. All runners struggled to keep their balance especially on the downhills along the way.

Km 0: At the last minute, we were still discussing whether to push through with this race or not (there was a bit ofย rain plus we have no sleep)ย 

With my trail buddies, Sharone and Jett

Gunstart at 530AM: Let’s do this!!!

Km2: All uphills; I sweat furiously here

Km3: More uphills as we hike towards Rangyas Peak; fog was all around and the muddy trails made it difficult to run

Km7: Traversed the downhills en route to Kay-Ibon falls; I slipped at this portion hahaha

Km10: Ran the last 2kms to the finish line! Power hiked Duhatan Ridge and it started to get hot at this time

Upon crossing the finish line, it was a nice surprise when the organizers said that I was theย 3rd female finisher for the 12kms ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Rock ‘n roll! At the finish line with Ernest and Sharone


Congratulations to all finishers! Many thanks to DBB and MGM group!