Last Sunday, I ran my second 21km road race at the Milo Marathon 2016. Honestly, this was a downgrade since I ran the full marathon last year. I was not fully focused in training for the 42kms and I signed up for the event on the last day of registration. My only consolation was that I still run short distances twice or thrice a week. Nevertheless, I’m still happy with the result! My time for the 21kms was 2:37. The cutoff was at 2:30 but the organizers extended it to 2:40. Another thing I was grateful about this experience was that I managed to run all throughout the race (except for a few steps/jog when I approach the aid stations to grab a cup of water). I always believe that running is a mental sports and I’m happy that I overcame the temptation to walk during the last few kilometers from the finish line.

Roughly 2kms away from the finish line! Woooh! (Photo credit: RSA Photographers)
With my friend, Allan, who ran the full marathon. We’re dreaming to hangout in this lounge soon haha
The finish line is just around the corner!

Congratulations to all the finishers! Milo Marathon never fails to amaze me since I get to see runners from all ages and all walks of life.