More and more trail running enthusiasts are putting up running academies these days. Just recently, Salomon sponsored 16 budding trail runners and flew them to Southern Germany for some days of training with Salomon’s brand ambassadors like Jono Wyatt, Anna Frost and Martina Valmassoi. Highlights of the events were captured in this video produced by The African Attachment:

In the Philippines, running coach and Salomon Pilipinas ambassador Miguel ‘Ige’ Lopez spearheaded a running clinic called ‘Nuun Dirt School’. Coach Ige Lopez finished Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in August 2015 and was recognized as the fastest Filipino runner to do so . This year, Nuun is back for another round of trail action. According to the event’s website, each level in Nuun Dirt School is composed of two parts – first is the lecture for theoretical discussion and the second, an actual trail run where techniques will be demonstrated.

Know more about Nuun Dirt School PH here:

I’ve never joined running clinics before but given the chance, I’ll surely sign up for one. Participating in this kind of activity is great experience especially when you’re a beginner in the sports. Running clinics are venues to learn tips from the experts as well as meet like-minded individuals. These running clinics ask for registration fees and can be quite expensive, but if you really want to step your game, this might help.