Late last year, I was able to exchange a few words (via Facebook) with ultrarunner and Clark-Miyamit Trail Races: CM50 CM42 60km overall champion Meredith June Edwards about trail running, this badass race, and some training tips:


Q: Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

My name is Meredith June Edwards and I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’ve been running my whole life it seems even as a child. I work as a residential counselor with mental and behavior children.

Q: What was your last race?

My last race before CM50 was Flagstaff Sky Running race 50k. I placed 2nd and ended up 6th overall on the US Sky running ultra circuit. I have never been to Arizona and it was a really beautiful course. Lots of climbing uphill which I love.

Q: How did you find out about the Clark-Miyamit (CM) trail race and how was the experience running on this course?

I found CM50 online by searching for ultras in the Philippines. I really wanted a race to train through while on vacation and this race seemed like a great course for me. The course was really hard for me because of the running surface. I have never done anything quite like it so it was a great new experience. My favorite parts besides going uphill was running through the rivers!!!!!!

Q: Any unforgettable moments during one of your many trail runs?

My most memorable trail run this year was by far my top 10 at UTMB CCC 100k. It was just a great race and I felt so alive. A week before the race I had two of my great friends pass in a tragic mountaineering accident. Both of whom who were runners and my training partners all summer leading up to this race. CCC was more than just a race for me it was a way to connect to my friends and carry their spirits to the finish line.

Q: Trail season in the Philippines is just around the corner, can you share your top three training tips?

Some advice I would give to other runners out there are: 1. Know your pace. It’s easy to get caught up with other runners especially when racing. It’s important to know how much you can push it and still be able to hold that pace over a period of time. 2. Power hike the hills. I find it extremely efficient to power hike. First timers new to running might be misguided thinking all the fast runners run uphill but most don’t. 3. Less is more. The two main focuses of my training schedule are Quality speed work outs Over distance days. Rest days are just as important as quality speed and over distance. 4. Have fun

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